Our lab focuses on understanding the interplay of microbial community composition and function in natural microbial communities. Our interests are centered around understanding how microbial communities are formed and how environmental factors influence microbe-microbe interactions and overall community stability.

Microbial Ecology at Wellesley College

Welcome to the Klepac-Ceraj Lab

We are looking for postdocs!

A postdoctoral research associate position is available with Professor Vanja Klepac-Ceraj at Wellesley College to advance an NIH-funded project Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) program. The ECHO project examines how genetic, pre- and postnatal environmental exposures, and modifiable factors ultimately shape cognitive and behavioral development. The Klepac-Ceraj lab is exploring how gut and salivary microbiomes mediate exposure-brain-cognition/behavior relationships in a large (n~1100) and well-characterized pediatric cohort. The successful applicant will train and work with an interdisciplinary team of investigators with expertise in pediatric nutrition, sleep, heavy metal exposure, cognition, brain development, and human genetics. The applicant will take the lead in analysis of microbial community data and will be responsible for data management, documentation, and manuscript preparation. The ideal candidate will have a mix of skills including a strong background in microbiology, bioinformatics and statistics, proficiency with working with computer clusters, experimental design, and a strong record of publication. The candidate should be creative, independent and have an ability to communicate effectively with undergraduate research students and collaborators.  A Ph.D. (or equivalent experience) in a relevant discipline is required.

To apply, submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, publication list, and contact information for three personal references via email to vklepacc [at] wellesley.edu.

Wellesley College is an equal opportunity employer.